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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 18:26

Water Jetting – The Best Way To Clean Sewer and Drain Lines

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Water Jetting – The Best Way To Clean Sewer and Drain Lines

Fast, Clean, Safe & Effective

High pressure water jetting is one of the best methods a plumber can use to unclog and clean home sewer and drain lines. While cable machines (also called drain snakes) are great for removing tough clogs and obstructions, they can leave residue like grease behind, which can cling to the inside of pipes, slowing the flow of water. Drain snakes also can't completely clean out the debris that they break up inside the pipe.

The Advantage of Water Jetting

The water jetting process employs high pressure pumps and flexible hoses to inject water under pressure into sewer or drain lines. The key to effective water jetting is a unique nozzle that directs water flow both forward and backward to "scrub" inside of the pipe and cut through almost any residue.

High-pressure water jetting is a safe, environmentally-friendly sewer and drain cleaning method that offers the following advantages:
  •     Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  •     Breaks up sludge
  •     Pulverizes tree roots
  •     Clears away hardened scale
  •     Thoroughly flushes out a plumbing system
Have questions about sewer and drain line water jetting? Give MR Plumbing a call, we're here to help.
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