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Buying a Standby Generator? Don't Forget to Install a Transfer Switch
Having a standby generator for your home is great convenience. When the power goes out, the generator kicks in automatically to keep your lights, appliance and HVAC system running. If you're installing a whole house standby generator or even using a portable generator,  it's important that you have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) installed. The ATS is an important safety device that links the generator to your home's service panel. An ATS works by switching electrical load between the generator and the utility source. The switch works automatically and is triggered when it senses one of the sources has lost or gained power. 

Without a transfer switch dangerous current could be sent back to the power supply, posing a threat to the electrical system and even endangering utility workers. For your safety, we recommended that a qualified electrician install transfer switches and whole house generators for your home.

Have questions about transfer switches, generators or other electrical systems for your home? Call MR Plumbing today.
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