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Weather The Storm With a Whole Home Standby Generator
Power outages are a real pain. They can also cause damage to your home by disrupting your heating and cooling system, refrigeration, and important safety systems like your sump pump. With an increasingly overtaxed electrical grid and stronger storms, a backup power generator has become an essential appliance for many homeowners.

Today's standby generators are designed to safely integrate into your home's electrical system with a transfer switch. When the power goes out the generator instantly switches on to power as many circuits in the home as needed. When the power is restored, the generator automatically switches off.

Portable or Whole House Generators

The two main types of residential generators are portable and permanent standby. If you only plan to power a few lights, the TV and your refrigerator, a less expensive portable generator can provide enough power. But keep in mind that you will need to ensure you have enough fuel on hand before the power goes out. You will also need to place the generator outside and away from windows and doors to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home. A transfer switch should also be installed to ensure that the electricity from the generator is not sent back into the power source.

If you intend to run more than just a few lights and a refrigerator, a permanent standby generator is your best option. Permanently installed generators are connected directly to your home's main power supply, when the power goes out they automatically start up to provide power for extended periods of time. Depending on your requirements, a whole hose generator can run a few appliances or power your entire home.

Professional Generator Installation

When considering a generator for your home it's important to hire an experienced electrician who understands the types of generators available and can match the system to your home's existing power needs. Most home generators are connected to a natural gas line. 

Have questions about home generators? Call MR Plumbing, we can help answer all your questions.


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