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Sump Pump Installation

Don’t Let Heavy Rains Flood Your Basement

When the rainy season comes, there’s no stopping mother nature, and sump pump failure can mean disaster for your home. Yet very few people are actually aware of the condition of their home’s sump pump. You don’t want to learn too late that your sump pump is old or malfunctioning- the time to make sure your home is prepared for a storm is now. Our Plumbers are licensed experts with years of experience maintaining, replacing, and installing sump pumps from Crestwood to Palos Park, and all over Chicago. Whether you want a new sump pump, or just want to make sure that the one you have is in good, functioning order, we can help.

Professional Sump Pump Installations Done Right- Guaranteed

Sump pump installations are deceptively very difficult. The installation needs to be strategically located, tied to your existing pipes, hooked safely and securely to your local power grid. The most important part, however, is selecting the right sump pump for your particular situation. For example, determining whether your home should use a submersible sump pump or a pedestal sump pump- this can depend on such factors of where your house is located, how much water you want to prepare for, etc. It’s a process best left to a professional to make sure that you save time and money.


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  • "M & R were very professional. The bathroom came out great - looks like a bathroom in a brand new house. All work was done on time and the workmen were extreme professional throughout the entire project We would highly recommend M & R Plumbing."
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