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Garbage Disposals For Chicagoland

Garbage Disposal
Have you flipped that familiar switch near your kitchen sink and instead of a hum, been met with complete silence, or even worse, a grinding noise that sounds like shredding metal? It's not the soundtrack of a horror movie, but of a broken garbage disposal. Don't worry, MR Plumbing's plumbers are kitchen plumbing experts. Call anytime for garbage disposal replacement in the Chicagoland area.

We only install high quality, reliable disposals from reputable brands. Our plumbers will listen to your needs and help you select the right horsepower rating to meet your needs.

At MR Plumbing we have built our reputation on trust and transparency. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

When Should You Consider Garbage Disposal Replacement?

Aging Unit

Disposals typically last 8-15 years. If yours is in this range or older, consider an upgrade before it gives out.

Frequent Clogs & Jams

If you're spending more time unclogging than disposing, it’s a sign that the unit is either undersized for your needs or has simply worn out. Besides being frustrating, a unit that is not grinding food waste effectively can lead to more frequently clogged drains.

Persistent Disposal Odors

A kitchen sink stench that just won’t quit is a symptom of trapped food particles, signaling a less efficient unit.

Leaks & Noises

An excessively loud disposal or signs of leaks under the sink near the disposal chamber are a common signs of a worn out unit.

Don’t let a faulty disposal disrupt your daily routine. Help is just a call away. MR Plumbing's friendly plumbers will try to repair you current garbage disposal to get it humming happily again, or if it's time for a new disposal, we'll replace it with a unit that's perfect for your needs.

What Our Fans Are Saying About Mr. Plumbing!

  • "M & R were very professional. The bathroom came out great - looks like a bathroom in a brand new house. All work was done on time and the workmen were extreme professional throughout the entire project We would highly recommend M & R Plumbing."
    – Diane C.
    Guild Quality Review
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