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Low water pressure can have a wide variety of causes, from simple to complex. Here are some tips to diagnose and cure some common causes of reduced water flow.

Clean Your Faucet and Shower Aerator Screens

Mineral deposits can often cause faucet aerators to become dirty and eventually reduce the flow of water.  By regularly dissembling and cleaning aerator screens you can keep the water flowing freely. White vinegar can be used to dissolve the mineral deposits on faucets and shower heads. Simply soak them for several hours.

Change Your Shower Head

You can find inexpensive, high-pressure shower heads at your local home center, and that may be all you need to make your shower flow better. If your current shower head has a low-flow head in place, try swapping it out with a regular shower head to increase water pressure.

Check the Valves In Your Home

If someone in your home has turned off and then turned on a water valve in your home, it may not have been returned to the fully opened position.

Professional Solutions For Low Water Pressure
Once you've tried the methods above to increase your home's water pressure with little to no success, we can help with more problematic water pressure conditions.

One solution is a water pressure booster. A water pressure booster is a water pump that works with your home's existing water supply to increase water pressure.

M/R Plumbing can also help find more serious causes of low water pressure problems. If you have just a single pipe that is leaking, it will affect the water pressure in your house significantly (and raise your utility bill). Try turning off the water supply both inside and outside your home, and then check your water meter. Check the water meter once more a few hour later, and then determine if the water usage has increased. If so, you probably have a leak that needs to be found and repaired.

Another option is to increase the size of the main pipe supplying water to your house. See if you can determine what type of water pipes you have in the home and running to your water meter. Pipe size is an important factor in the amount of water pressure you'll get in your home. The larger the pipes, the more the water pressure, so you may want to consider increasing the size of the main pipe servicing the house.
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