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Wednesday, 21 July 2021 14:46

Solving Common Toilet Problems

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Solving Toilet Problems

1. Overflowing toilet 
- Just about all of us have experienced the panic that sets in when you flush and the water level starts to rise... and rise. If you suspect the toilet drain is clogged, don't take chances. Clear the clog before flushing. If the toilet has been flushed and the water level is rising, you can remove the toilet tank cover and press down on the flapper. The flapper seals the hole that allows the water to go into the toilet bowl, stopping the rising water.

2. Clogged toilet bowl - If the toilet bowl is filled and you know that it's clogged, try a toilet plunger. Do not flush if the toilet if the bowl is full. You will only cause the bowl to overflow run all over the floor. Chances are that there it is paper that is obstructing the pipe. If you are unable to clear the toilet, call MR Plumbing for help.

3. Broken Flapper Valve - If your toilet keeps a running and doesn't stop, it may be time to replace the flapper valve.

4. Water supply valve -  Sometimes sand or grit can cause the water supply inside the tank to stay on. So you hear that running noise. Replacing the supply valve can solve the problem.

5. Low Flushing Power - Newer toilets use a gallon and a half of water. Older toilets used almost twice as much. With so little water available to force the waste down the drain, you often end up flushing more than once. If you have an older toilet with a higher flushing volume, consider keeping it rather than replacing it. By replacing the internal parts you will eliminate the need to buy a newer toilet that may not have sufficient flushing force.

Have toilet problems? Call MR Plumbing anytime for fast, professional plumbing service.
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