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Saturday, 20 February 2021 22:03

Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

Smart Thermostats Improve Comfort and Save Energy

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Wireless technology has connected virtually every aspect of our lives. As our homes have become more and more connected with wi-fi devices managed from digital voice assistants and smart phone apps, the thermostat has also become more much smarter and capable.

Traditional thermostats adjust the indoor air temperature by working as a simple control input for a home's heating and cooling system. You simply set the temperature and the device keeps your home within that range near the thermostat's physical location. With the arrival of programmable thermostats homeowners could tailor the temperature of their home by programming the thermostat to turn on and off based on the day and time when the house would be occupied. This meant the heating or cooling system could be adjusted when you were away from home, saving energy.

Today, "smart" thermostats take the programmable thermostats to the next level by learning a household's routine and allowing homeowners to monitor and change the temperature automatically. They can also provide real time feedback on energy consumption, weather forecasts and even adapt the temperature based on conditions like humidity levels. Smart thermostats offer many advantages over conventional thermostats, from increased comfort, improved energy savings and remote access to temperature controls. 

The Nest Thermostat

One of the first smart thermostats to market was The Nest® thermostat. It combines sleek design with a bright full color display to provide homeowners with useful information, combined with convenient remote apps designed to help cut energy consumption. The Nest is a learning thermostat that senses if a home is occupied, whether the air is suddenly getting humid, and other factors that allow it to custom tailor the indoor environment.

Choosing a Smart Thermostat

When choosing a smart thermostat you will have many brands to choose from, and there are differences between manufacturers that you should be aware of. Here are a few questions to ask when shopping for a smart thermostat.

Does it work remotely from your phone?
If you plan to use it from your phone make sure that the app works on your device.

Is it compatible with Other Technology in Your Home?
One of most convenient features of smart thermostats is their ability to interact with voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa® and Siri®. Check the manufacturer's website to see if your assistant is compatible with the thermostat models you are considering.

Tracking Savings
If you're primarily interested in improving efficiency and lowering energy costs, consider a model with data tracking and reporting. You'll be able to see hour-by-hour and day-by-day how often your heating and cooling system are operating.

Where Should My Smart Thermostat Be Installed?
When installing the thermostat it's important to keep it away from vents and sources of heat that could affect the temperature readings. Place the thermostat in an area with minimal disturbance such as an interior wall.

Do you have a "C-Wire"?
A C-wire, or common wire, provides continuous power to your smart thermostat display and WiFi connectivity. If you don’t have one or aren’t sure, give us a call and we can help install one if needed.
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