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Thursday, 17 September 2020 15:52

Get Your Gas Furnace Ready For The Heating Season

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Preparing Your Furnace For The Heating Season

Furnace Filter Replacement

If your home has a gas furnace, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that it operates safely and reliably. While performing professional heating system maintenance is important here is what you can do yourself.

How To Turn On Your Gas Furnace

Typically, a gas furnace is operated through the same thermostat as the air conditioner. This means that when the weather turns cold, you can simply turn your thermostat to the 'warm’ or 'heat’ setting and then adjust the temperature.

Inspect and Change Your Furnace Filter

To check the filter, open the cover of the unit and then remove the filter. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust from a plastic filter, then simply wash it and dry it before replacing it. Always operate the furnace with a filter in place. You will need to replace a cardboard filter every few months, or as recommended by the filter manufacturer.

How To Test Your Heating System's Airflow

Check each room in your home by feeling for the airflow that comes from the furnace blower. If airflow is insufficient to parts of your home, you may want to have a professional check your ductwork to ensure if it is sufficient for air delivery.

If Your Gas Furnace Fails To Ignite

A inoperable pilot light is one of the main reasons that a gas furnace will fail to ignite. To ignite the pilot, turn the gas cock off and then push the pilot reset button while turning the cock to 'pilot’. Get a match and light it, then hold it near the furnace pilot to relight it.

Furnace Troubleshooting Checklist

Cleaning the system every couple of years helps the unit to run more efficiently and last longer. During an annual heating system inspection your technician will lubricate the furnace ports and bearings, reducing the amount of energy the unit needs to operate. Your technician will also clean the furnace burners if they appear dirty.

Removing Vent Blockages

Cleaning the vents and ducts will remove blockages that can interfere with heat flow in the home. In the winter, ice can block the outdoor vents. Make sure to turn off the unit before you attempt to remove the ice.

How To Stop Air Leaks and Prevent Heat Loss

If you notice air leaks emanating from your system, use caulk to seal off any gaps. In addition, placing weather stripping around doors and windows will keep your home from losing heat, which makes your furnace run more often.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

If you ever smell gas coming from the furnace, leave the area and call your gas company right away. Avoid lighting matches or using any electrical appliances until you are safely away from the area.
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