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Wednesday, 05 August 2020 20:02

Water Heater Safety Tips

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Water Heater Safety Tips

Water Heater Safety

Today's water heaters are efficient and reliable. They also have numerous safety features built-in to prevent a few common safety hazards, these include:

Excess Water Pressure Pressure

One of the most important parts on a water heater is the temperature and pressure relief valve. If the water pressure or temperature inside the tank get too high, the valve will prevent damage to the unit.

Water Heater Scalding

Preventing scalding is especially important in households with children or elderly. Because the temperature of the water that first flows out of the tap can be very hot, a temping valve is used to reduce the danger of scalding.

Water Heater Bacteria

Another problem can occur if the temperature of the water is kept too low. Bacteria such as legionella, which caused Legionnaire's disease, can grow in water heaters where the water is not hot enough to kill it. The best way of preventing bacteria from growing in your hot water system is to ensure the temperature stays above 122° F.

Hot Water Backflow

Backflow occurs when drinking water and non-potable wastewater mix. It most often occurs when the pressure in the system changes and waste water is drawn into the supply system. To prevent backflow contamination water heaters use a one-way valve and in some cases a pressure overflow tank to prevent contamination.

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