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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 21:52

Preventing Sudden Water Temperature Changes

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Unexpected Water Temperature Changes? A Pressure-Balancing Valve Could Be the Answer

If you have ever experienced the surprise of a sudden temperature change while taking a shower, you can understand why managing water pressure changes is important. The key to preventing pressure and temperature changes is a pressure balancing valve, also called a pressure-compensating valve.  It's a plumbing device designed to reduce the likelihood of thermal shock and scalding while showering or bathing. It's also a safety device that is required by code in most cities.

Solving Water Pressure Problems

The pressure-balance valve works by sensing the hot and cold water pressures coming in from the supply line and compensates for temperature fluctuations to maintain a consistent water temperature.

Without a pressure balancing valve a sudden change in water usage, such as a flushing toilet or clothes washer turning on, could send a burst of hot water to a shower or bath, causing the potential for injury.

If your plumbing system is older and not equipped with a pressure balancing valve, call MR Plumbing. We can upgrade the plumbing system to prevent unsafe temperature fluctuation.

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