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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 13:34

Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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Fall Plumbing Checklist
Fall is here and freezing cold temperatures are right around the corner. Now is the time to ensure your plumbing system is ready. By finding the small problems and making repairs today you can prevent expensive damage and the inconvenience of plumbing failures this winter. Here are the systems we recommend checking:
  1. Sump Pump - A failed sump pump can lead to flooded basements and extensive damage. To test your sump pump slowly pour a bucket of water into the sump pit. The pump should start up and begin pumping. If it doesn't, check the electrical supply and make sure the float arm is not obstructed. If it still won't start, call MR plumbing to inspect the pump.
  2. Water Pressure Changes – If you're experiencing low water pressure, or your water bill has increased recently, have MR Plumbing inspect the plumbing system for problems. A sudden drop in water pressure can be caused by clogs in supply lines, degraded pipes, or hidden water leaks.
  3. Sewer and Drain Lines - A video camera inspection is cheap insurance against clogged drains or sewer line failure. If problems are found sewer lines can usually be cleared using water jetting or an auger.
  4. Water Heater – A tank storage water heater will last around 10 years. You can extend it's life and make it operate more efficiently with regular maintenance. Flush the tank to remove sediment and inspect the anode rod for excessive corrosion. For additional peace of mind, install a drain pan under the water heater to contain leaks and direct water to the floor drain. 
  5. Outside Water Supply – If there is a shut-off valve inside the home, close it and open the outside faucets to drain the water out. Remove hoses from outside faucets, drain them and store them inside.
  6. Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts  – Ensure that there is adequate drainage away from the foundation. 
  7. Prevent Frozen Pipes – Seal cracks and holes in exterior walls to prevent cold air from passing over pipes during extremely cold weather.
Have plumbing problems? Call MR Plumbing, we can help with everything from clogged drains to water leaks and repiping.
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