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Friday, 10 May 2024 18:17

Under Sink Disposal Not Working? Here Are a Few Things to Check

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Troubleshooting Your Under-Sink Disposal: What to Check Before Calling a Professional

Experiencing issues with your under-sink garbage disposal can be frustrating and disruptive. Before you consider calling a professional, there are several checks you can perform to potentially resolve the problem yourself.

Before we start, remember, safety first: never insert your hands into the disposal unit and always disconnect the power!

1. Ensure Proper Connection

First, confirm that the disposal unit is securely plugged into the electrical outlet. A loose connection is often the culprit behind a non-operational disposal.

2. Reset the Disposal

Located on the bottom of most disposal units is a reset button. If this button has popped out, it indicates that the disposal may have overheated or experienced a power surge. First, check that the disposal did not shut off because of an obstruction or jam. If the chamber s clear, simply press the button back in to reset the unit.

3. Check Your Circuit Breaker

If the disposal is still not functioning after you've tried resetting it, head to your home's electrical panel and check if the circuit breaker linked to the disposal has tripped. Flip it to the off position, then back to the on position if necessary.

4. Assess for Electrical Issues

If there is no humming sound from the disposal when it's turned on, this could signify an electrical problem within the unit itself. Have a professional plumber inspect the unit.

Troubleshooting Slow Draining Issues

A disposal that drains slowly is typically a sign of a clogged drain line. Although it's tempting, avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Not only can they damage the internal mechanisms of the disposal, but they also pose health risks and can be harsh on your plumbing system. A professional plumber can safely clear the drain line.

Preventive Tips to Keep Your Disposal Running Smoothly

  • Avoid disposing of substances like coffee grounds, potato peels, and eggshells, which are more likely to cause clogs.
  • Regularly run cold water through the disposal to help clear out any residual waste.
  • Periodically grind ice cubes in the disposal to clean the impeller.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

If after following the above steps your disposal is still not working, or if it begins making unusual noises, it's time to call in the experts. At MR Plumbing Heating Air Electrical, our trained professionals are equipped to handle any plumbing problem. Call us anytime for service.
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