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Chicago’s Backflow Experts - We Install and Repair All Kinds of Hot Water Heaters

What Is Backflow?

Chicago Backflow Prevention & TestingNormally water flows from from the municipal water system into your home. Backflow is the reversal of water flow back into the public water supply. It is commonly caused by either back pressure or back siphonage from your home's plumbing system. If the water flowing backwards contains poisonous chemicals or bacteria, this can cause contamination in your water supply.

Your outdoor hose is one of the most common causes of backflow contamination. For example, when you're using a fertilizer applicator attached to your garden hose and there’s a drop in water pressure causing a vacuum. This pulls the contaminated water into the water supply and back into your home. The next time you or your neighbor turns on a faucet the water could contain traces of the chemicals.

Water pressure drops are not uncommon, it can happen when a city service crew repairs a broken water main or firefighters put out a nearby fire. Having your home's plumbing backflow tested can ensure that a reverse in water flow doesn't cause contamination in your water supply.

We Can Help Protect You & Your Family

Backflow Prevention Chicago IL

At MR Plumbing, we are specialists in water backflow testing and prevention. We can perform an evaluation to determine which backflow prevention device is best for your home's plumbing system.

Once our skilled plumbers have installed the backflow prevention device in your home, water will be unable to flow back into the public water pipes. The backflow valve device creates a closed system, keeping the water you and your family use for drinking, bathing and cooking from becoming contaminated with bacteria, chemicals and harmful toxins.

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