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Residential Standby Generators For Orland Park, Palos Heights & Surrounding Communities

Installing Reliable Kohler and Generac Generators

Residential GeneratorsIt can happen at anytime, the Chicago area's severe summer and winter storms can bring frequent power interruptions to our homes. In some cases, power is restored within a day and it's only a minor inconvenience. With wider spread outages, the power can remain off for days, causing major disruption and inconvenience in our lives.  

Today's Advanced Backup Generators Provide Safe, Reliable Power

With a reliable whole house generator from M/R Plumbing, your home will have power for all the essential lighting and appliances your family needs to safely and comfortably ride out the storm. So the next time the power goes out in your Chicago area city or neighborhood you can relax and enjoy a movie with your family.

Choosing the Right Generator For Your Home

When choosing a standby generator for your home it's important to choose the right size and model for your needs. Our electrical technicians will ensure that your generator is properly matched to your power requirements and that the electrical loads are matched to the power requirements of all your backup circuits. You can choose to power all of your home's electrical outlets, or just the essentials, such as your furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, and sump pump.

M/R Plumbing installs residential generators from industry leaders Kohler and Generac. By connecting directly to your home's natural gas supply, a standby generator is permanently installed, starts up nearly instantaneously, and needs very little maintenance compared to portable generators that must be fille with gasoline or diesel and started manually during a power outage.

For an in home generator consultation, call M/R Plumbing. we'll help you weather everything mother nature sends your way with comfort and peace of mind.

Professional Generator Installation, Maintenance & Repair